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lewis onions

Keith, Congratulations on passing the MOT. I had to reply to your email because you have set out just how I felt earlier in the year when my Scott passed the test and carried me down to Brighton and most of the way back shortly after – it really doesn’t get much better. And you are right about the reaction there is from such a surprising variety of people wherever you go. No less than 5 people offered to find me water to fill the radiator at Shelsley Walsh hill climb a couple of weeks back. In fact I was at least an hour late getting home due to delaying my departure talking to interested enquirers (including one who had owned a 1930 TT rep which
he had sold before the war – and still regetted the fact).

My Flyer has BSA parts too (certainly the front wheel but maybe the forks as well) and other parts are cobbled together. No matter. I hope that you get to the annual gathering – I intend to be there too. In any event I hope that your MOT tester accommodates your bike for many years to come. Keep on Scotting!