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I was going to reply, but Roger gave you the appropriate information
before I got organised. Glad the pictures were of some use, any picture is worth a thousand of my words! Just goes to show Nortons are some use after all.
Two points from my own, bitter, experiences, take a long critical look at your fork blades and make sure that they are strong and true. I broke a set of pre-war Matchless forks in Ireland last August. When we blasted off the powder coating put there by the previous owner. it was obvious that the blades had been badly straightened after a major trauma and the stress had been locked back into the metal – after all they are 60 odd years old. They have been away for retubing for 10 months now, hoping to get them back in the next week or so.
Secondly, as I stressed to Roger, girder forks lead a lively life, when you are happy with the set up, I recommend setting the nuts up with Blue Hylomar or similar in the threads. You would be amazed how fork nuts can loosen in a short ride. There is probably a loctite product to do the job but, having dropped a major clanger with loctite on an AJS recently, I prefer my Hylomar dodge (works on Triumph valve caps too).

Cheers Malcolm.