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Go to your nearest car breaker and be nice to them. If you are really lucky and do the grovelling properly they might let you choose a loom or two for free, (they usually rip them out as part of the salvage process so you won’t even have to get dirty), if you don’t do the a*** licking well enough you may have to slip them a couple of bob… Well, it worked a treat for me when I re-wired my Moto Rumi. (They sound like a 125cc Scott — well, ’tis my excuse!)

The Frost, (http://www.frost.co.uk), restoration supplies people do non-adhesive loom tape, self bonding tape, etc.. A bit expensive but quick and reliable in my experience.

I hope I’m not teaching my grandma to suck eggs here but I would suggest running all the wiring onto the bike, (run grouped wires through small elastic bands for the time being to keep them tidy), and test for correct operation.

Do the final lacing/taping up off the bike. An old door is a handy base board, easy to bang nails into for keeping wire ends under control, but anything big enough and flat will do. The modern taste for sanded and varnished floors has its attractions but ‘er indoors might cramp that idea…

Avoid soldering joints like the plague, they will fail I promise you! Use crimp connectors and use a good quality crimping tool too, and I don’t mean one of those pressed steel things either! If you are ever so, ever so, nice to me and really stuck I can lend you a pair.