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“EFR215” is the registration number of the pile of bits lurking in my front room, (no, I’m not married anymore!), wot it is yer see guv, I kinda made a mess of it when I signed up for this madhouse, didn’t fill the boxes in properly. Mind you if you think that’s odd they called me ‘Eggy’ at school…

As to the colours, well as long as you know where they go and what they do does it really matter about getting the colours exact ? After all if you do the sheathing properly we won’t see anything from the outside and you can always annotate your own wiring diagram! If you are really going to be that precious about colours try for a high spec. motor, more toys = more wires! My old ’81 Granny, (don’t even think about it!), what with electric this and computerised that is a positive rats nest under the dash with just about every darned colour you can think of. Not that it helps much you understand, Lucas are not the only company to invent darkness!