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Roger Moss

Hi All Roger here. Sorry I have not been more help, but it is not my field and my hours are very crowded. Just to say again that if any person or group can find a way forward that is a reasonable solution, I will use whatever modest influence I have to press for the acceptance by the club.
I would like to add a couple of observations here.
First, I believe that it is absolutely necessary that the final product is easily seachable.
Secondly, and to me as an engineer, of great importance.
This montage of articles culled from the pages of Yowl over the years, has been titled “Technicalities” Because of this title, it is possible to imply that this is technical Holy Writ! It is no such thing.
If you read the “Book of the Scott”, you can find advice that has mislead generations into practices that have caused significant damage. I cite the example of how to dismantly crank sets.
The many persons who have contributed to “Technicalities” over the years, have all been very well intended perfectly good human beings.
My wife quoted me a Russian saying– “Being a nice man,–is not a profession”!
I personally, have no knowledge that “Technicalities” has ever been subjected to any evaluation or scrutiny by persons with the knowledge to confirm that the contents are valid and beneficial.
If anyone can assure me that this has been done in the past, I shall be much relieved. I confess that although I once bought a copy, it stayed unopened for years till I sold it to a new member. I am not saying this to sound like a smart arse. If after a lifetime in the design and manufacture of special machinery, I had not ingested enough knowledge to cope with a Scott from first principles, I should hand in my badge. I say this only to explain that I have never read the contents, but if we are to comit this mass of varied personal experience to be scanned into CD without further scrutiny, then we should clearly preface it with the message that the contents are personal opinions and advice and are reproduced in good faith without technical evaluation. The Scott Owners club are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by following any of the proceedures set out in this document.
I also believe that the availability of technical information is of infinately more importance to owners than to be able to read of a section club run in 1968. If the cost or the extent of the complete work is a problem, let us do the technical support first and in such a way as is fully seachable and reproduceable. With this I would combine data on each main model with photos and frame and engine number data. This should then provide a new owner with the major information he needs to get his bike on the road. Rather than hold up this process, let the Yowl content and George Stevens excellent work come along later. When it is compiled, it can be combined on to a common CD at a later date.
If it is thought that it would be prudent to assess “Technicalities, there are enough experienced men who could check this over. We could allocate a section each to several specialists. They can check the contents and give their approval. Hence the section on removing the refustication on the contra rotating floggle toggle, has been checked and approved by Mr M Mouse. Why do I write all this rubbish when I have so much to do? I suppose it is because I care and remember what it was like to start out with Scotts and be fed so much duff gen that caused me such heartache, before I twigged on that everybody that talked with such conviction, did not necessarily know what they were talking about!
Its a funny old world!