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Thanks for the replies!

My carb seems to be an Amal but fitted with a Binks floatchamber ?!? The float chamber seems to be fiddled with in the past but is mounted at a the correct angle.

The bike starts OK and there seem to be no leaks anywhere. When I bought the bike it also backfired heavily while idling… “It has always done so..” the previous owner told me “nothing to worry about”… I found out that his pilot air screw was almost completely screwed out. I adjusted it untill 1/2 turn out and that cured the backfiring, at least untill 45 mph.

I’ll check the book of the Scott again but I think the version I have only states Binks yets.. Does anybody know the correct Amal sizes for my Scott (FZ engine)?
Another thing… the needlejet in my carb broke off while assembling some time ago. I swapped it for (a steel!) one of another Amal carb. It looked the same but when I wanted to buy a new one the guy told me that there were in fact 3 different sizes! The one that broke off did not have any number so does anybody know the correct type to fit? Could it be that the steel one I fitted is a 106?

I’ll take the carb of tonight and inspect it a bit further…