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Last weekend I disassembled the carb and here is what I found:

– mainjet 170
– slide 6/3
– needle 6, in the second groove from the top
– needle jet without any number
– float passage to carb 90% blocked with dirt…

So at the autojumble I bought a 106 needle jet and I put the needle up one groove. I cleaned the carb and assembled it with new gaskets. I flattened the flange on a piece of glas with some wet sandingpaper. I did not alter the float as it did not look quite as fiddled with as I remembered it. The float is Binks but I cannot make out if the carb is an Amal or a Binks. On my other bike the 276 carb has markings on it saying it is a 276 but I cannot identify this carb. It looks like the the Amal 76 design with 3 stud flange and 4 airholes at the base.

After assembling I put the carb back on the bike with a (new) air screw at 1,5 turn out and started the bike. It started right away but also started backfiring at once. I poured in some extra petrol in the tank (I had some troubles with a leaking tap and therefore only had very little petrol in it) and it seemed to run better. Advancing the ignition also seemed to prevent the banging.
I also noticed the the petroltap on my bike is in the RH side, behind the oiltap. My float is at the RH side too. On almost all pictures I’ve seen sofar the tap always is located on the LH side. Does that make any difference? The petrol seems to flow all the same…

Later this week I’ll take the bike for a spin to see how it behaves under load.

That’s all for now..