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I’m from Austria. So far local oldtimer specialists have been buying used pumps on flea markets (some of them being in horrible condition) to build up one working pump. The problems were the bad casting quality and the wear of the driving cam. The flea market dealers wanted irrational high prices 200 GBP and more for some pumps. Duplex pumps were extremely rare like the “Blue Mauritius Stamp”. And then G.G. D. Howard was mentioned in a vintage bike magazine. I contacted Mr. Howard last year and made a huge spare part order. Until now I have never seen one spare part. I phoned him periodically every month to see what the matter is. Last December he told me that he can’t get any spares and he will return my pump via mail to me. That is how it is!

My questions to GB Scott drivers:

Is the spare part situation in GB similar or are spare parts available?
Is there any dealer out there who would sale pilgrim spares to Austria?
Is there a need for spares in GB or do all Scott drivers have enough spares?
How many Scott drivers use the original Pilgrim duplex Pump?
Which conversion pump is the most used one?

I found in a spares booklet a “Throttle Controlled Oil Pump”. This pump is interesting me. Is such a pump available? Does anybody have an explosion drawing? I know the disadvantage (more parts in the pump than the whole engine put together) but I think I’m infected with Scott lubrication. Does somebody know who invented/designed this pump?

A picture of this pump: