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Well Trevor, you’ve got a good point there. The dutch guy wanting to become a member was my mate Frank. He was put off a bit because he could not pay at the stand. When I became a member I paypalled the money to Gill with a first parts order. That worked out perfectly fine.

Being a (Dutch) member of more than one British Club I always notice how difficult it is to pay for membership, parts, books etc. In fact, I payed my membership fee for the Maico Owners Club (next to the SOC stand..) on the scene as they too seem to rely on cheques.

Maybe it’s an idea to make a Paypall account just for payment of membership by foreign members? (Paypalling is paying to an emailadress with your creditcard).

At Stafford I was on the lookout for a cast Squirrel figure (for the radiatorcap). Having read in Yowl that the club sells them I thought that it would be possible to buy it on the stand… alas…

On the other hand, I know from years experience (in Holland) how difficult it can be to put together a good showstand and man it. But with the number of members the SOC has, I’m sure it must be possible.


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