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Hi Dan
Plesed to see that you are still plugging away with that unique Scott of yours. Glad you found my recomendation for Sprockets Unlimited useful –
although it did bring me a “support our regular suppliers” slap on the wrist from someone who hadn’t exactly rushed to your aid previously!
The felt seals do indeed fit inside the lip of the centre nut facing the box,
well that’s the way I put ’em in anyway!
At the stage you are at now, you could consider alternative solutions – various people have used modern seals instead – hopefully someone will give you the info. Roger Moss has certainly gone this route.
Your query about Morris Gearbox oil – this is one heavyweight oil! Can I suggest you consider semi-fluid grease: when cold this is a grease, when
warm it turns into heavy oil. This is a well kept industrial seccret that has been around for years – nowadays a lot of poeple use it for leaky old steering boxes and gearboxes.
Every company makes it – including Morris, but most bike and car shops deny that such a thing exists. I have used it in 3 bike boxes and the reduction gear for my Pilgrim pump for some years with no troubles.
I get mine, by post, from Vintage and Sports Car Services at Chard
tel: 0146066434, they list it as Castrol Spheerol semi-fluid grease.
Hope this helps