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Colin Hough

Chris & Dave,

Just for the record, one of our local (Hertfordshire) Scott experts, Glyn ‘Potty’ Chambers (address in back of Yowl – he is not on the internet), specialises in supplying oil for vintage bikes, particularly Scotts. He recommends Silkolene Comp 2 Injector for the drip feed and also ‘some’ of the Silkolene Comp 2 Pre-mix in the petrol. For a Pilgrim pump on direct drive he recommends one drop per 6 pulses (which is less than originally on what was the oil around when they were made) and one per three if using a reduction gear, both based on the engine running at tick-over.

Just for the information, on my original 1959 Scott I had in the mid ’60’s the instruction at that time was to use 15 drops per minute at tick-over with what was then ‘standard’ engine oil (my guess this would be grade 30) plus an ‘egg cup’ per gallon in the tank. However, the current expectation is that with synthetic oils on normal ‘green lane’ VMCC type running, less is required for the drip rate. However, if racing like Roger Moss does, then he recommends Castrol R.

Again from my mid ’60’s experience, running fast (at that time 75 mph on a motorway for over an hour), a higher rate was required as I managed to seize an engine by not turning up the rate.

Not sure if this is any help, but when I tried to go through the Technicalities to sort out the oil and rate I got very frustrated with all of the differing ideas & recommendations!!! I now buy my oil from Potty and generally follow his advice, possibly using a slightly higher oil rate, but I have to keep cleaning my plugs – can anyone advise the best NGK plug to use???