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Ian Parsons

For the last year I have been using Silkolene Comp 2 in my TT Replica and for the last 6 months in my 2 Speeder. I have found that one can reduce the number of drips to the engine in both cases. There is an absence of smoke once under way and the engine sounds sharper. Both bikes ran well in the track sessions at Mallory when they were being worked harder than in road use. The oils is expensive £18 for 4 litres but not a significant cost for the mileage I ride.

On the 2 Speeder this oil also lubricates the 2 Speed gear. I have heard some people say that you should not use synthetic oil in the 2 Speed gear as it causes it to slip. In my case it enables a smooth take up in low gear. I only lubricate it with about 1/2 a pumpful every 30 miles and this seems ok. When I rebuilt the 2 speed gear 12 years ago I used needle roller bearings for the drums and thrust races. The hub bearings still use cup and cone bearings. I had to partially dismantle the gear after this year’s Banbury Run and found a sheared pivot pin, apart from that everything was in perfect condition.