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lewis onions

Hello David and welcome back to the fold(or should I say to the privileged society of the pracitioners of the 2 speeder)!

I am no expert (I have only recently acquired a running 2 speeder myself) and I am not near to you, but I thought that I should reply in case no one else does! The following are maters of note I have exerienced in running my 1925 Squirrel.

I was a little cautious myself at first – but apart from remembering to oil the two speed gear – and not too much (see my earlier postings) – there is not a great deal of difference in operating a 2 speeder from any other vintage machine.

Lots of tickling of the carb to start cold – make sure that it is very wet. When starting warm apply the opposite – very little petrol is needed.

Beware of being too brutal with the kick-starter which, although robust is less so than those operating directly from a conventional gear box.

The gears are easier to use than folk-law might suggest. All the same a little practice in a safe place is recommended; not least to save blushes in front of neighours who will undoubtedly make themselves available to be amused. I find that a twist grip throttle makes use of the gears all but fool-poof.

Returning to gear oiling – remember every 25 miles (or 30 minutes of running) or so to apply a pump of oil and use mineral rather than synthetic.

I suggest that you just go ahead and have a go! Make use of the summer weather and keep us informed of your progress. Any problems which you experience are usually capable of being settled via this forum (where, unlike the neighbours’, the humour of the correspondents is usually disguised).

If you do not have a copy of the “Book of the Scott” – I have a 1930 copy which I could photocopy and send to you. Let me know.

Good Luck!