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Thanks Lewis for your reply, that’s the sort of information that I’m looking for.
At the risk of sounding completely clueless, can I clarify the points you make about gear oiling.
My bike has two sight feed drip oil pumps(best and Lloyd?) either side of the oil tank and a hand pump in the middle plus a tap under the tank.
Am I correct in assuming the hand pump and tap supply oil to the gears?
In which case is it the same oil supplying the engine and gearbox?
I remember we used Silkolene oil for the engine on the Birmingham Scott but what would you recommend now?
The bike seems to be a good starter and both drip pumps are working fine with the oily haze coming from the exhaust.
Finally, I’ve got a copy of Jeff Clew’s book but not a copy of the book of the Scott, if you could kindly photocopy the latter, I would be very grateful. If you would like to contact me at stevensonbishops@tiscali.co.uk
I can arrangeto send you the cost of photocopying and postage etc.