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If there were enough room I’d be thinking of a nipple in the tank and a loose nut on the tap which would/should make fitting/re-fitting easier. That would probably mean changing or modifying the tap but it sounds as if there isn’t the space available even if it would at least avoid a repaint.


The pitch of a ⅛’’ BSP thread is 0.036” this means that each 0.010” of washer thickness represents 10 degrees of tap rotation.

If the tap is screwed back into the oil tank until almost home and the resulting gap carefully measured it should not be too difficult to find some soft sheet material, copper or aluminium say, that is a bit thicker to make a washer from.

Sheet materials:
20swg = 0.036”
22swg = 0.028”
15mm copper water pipe has ±0.030” wall thickness
22mm has a wall thickness of ±0.040”

Who hasn’t some odd ends of water pipe lying about?
So split, anneal and flattened out and there is your material.

BSP threads are usually made to a pretty loose tollerance and will accomodate a little overtightening, if it come up a bit loose there is always a smear of “Plastic Gasket” or treat the metal washer as a spacer and cut a couple of paper washers of a suitable thickness to go either side.


Cultivate someone who owns a lathe…