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Thanks guys for the replies!

The plug leads have not been swapped. When I bought my Scott I tiewrapped the leads to the frame to prevent mistakes. The Scott ran fine and since then I did not remove the tiewraps. So that’s not the solution.

I’ve tried the starter spray but with no result. But the reason for this might well be that the cases were quite flooded by then as I noticed later. I did not try the spray later (yet).

What worries me most is that the plugs stay almost completely dry after prolonged trying. On full choke and after excessive flooding of the floatchamber they should be at least wet. So my best guess is still the fuel supply. Even when using two high flow taps.

So today I’ll take of the tank and carb again and do some checking and measuring. I’ll try the WD40 again wihout the carb on the bike. That should work. I’ll also try the squirt of oil in the cylinder.

Fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Keep you posted!