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Well guys, here my next update…

My soldering worked well….for about 20 miles…. Then the leak was back making my bike dirty again and causing misfiring on the lefthand side.

I was so fed up with it that I thoroughly flushed the radiator to get rid of the final mustard and then poured in a can of Bar’s leak…. Yes, I did just the thing that I should not do according to Technicalities.

And did it work? Well I wish I could say yes….. The leak was still there! Remember, we are only talking about two very small leaks! Even the “wonder leakstopper” could not fix it.

At last I tried the 2 component glue suggestion after the radiator had cooled down (when cold the leak always was gone…). And this seems to work! I smeared a coat on the leak and heated it to make it a bit more fluid (like in the Araldite tip). Today I did a 100 mile ride of fast touring and not a single drop came out. I wonder, did it really work????

But with this leak gone I noticed the bike starting to loose gearboxoil… but that is a completely different story!

Happy Scotting!