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Trevor Scott

alex the yowls are very erratic early on but from what information I have gathered no1 was aug 1958, no2 was october 58 & no3 was dec 58

59 was march, may, july , sept december
60 was feb, june, october, dec
61 was feb, may, july, sept, dec
62 was march, may, july sept, nov
63 was march, may, aug, october
64-67 was feb, apr, june, aug, oct, dec

In this months yowl it stated that 3 “leaflets” (cant remember exact terminology) were post yowl, the first edition of yowl being aug 1958
hope this helps with your spread sheet & forward me a copy when you get it ammended

if anyone reading this has any early yowls & would consider donating or selling them to either Alex or myself to “try” & complete our yowl collections it would be much appreciated