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Paul W

All, thanks for the replies so far.

I have now rechecked the timing and noticed the advance lever works the other way round to what i’m used to (it’s fully advanced with a slack cable) so my timing was actually 1/4 btdc on the full retard setting (well I was in a hurry to get the engine running after 8 years of restoration work !)

I have now reset the timing to 1/4 btdc on fully advanced (using a scribed dowel in the plug hole and a bit of micro solder taped onto the block as a pointer to reduce the parallex error).

Last Sunday morning was nice and sunny and dry so I took the bike for another spin……..

Well some progress of sorts has been made in that I can reduce the pinking sound by retarding slightly but then engine spits back until i close the air lever. Things are now pointing to the mixture being too weak (i’m running a 6/4 slide with the needle in the middle position – amal 151/276 carburettor). The next thing to try is a 6/3 slide and raise the needle slightly to see what effect this has….. the paets are now fitted but unfortunately the weather has turned very cold and they’re gritting roads with all that nasty salt (and I don’t want to get the bike rusty just yet) so watch this space………