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I had a friend that tried a pair on his Vincent way back in my “yoof”. I don’t recall him claiming any noticeable improvement in power or fuel consumption and I don’t remember him going any faster either. After a while he reverted to the original Amals.

What I do remember was that you had to turn the petrol off every time you stopped the engine because they leaked like a sieve, no float chamber you see, and even at 3/6d a gallon you didn’t waste it, which is probably why he gave up on them.

All in all I again find myself in agreement with Roger Moss, an interesting re-invention of the wheel, not an injector by any measure and probably the living proof of why good carburettors are relatively complicated. Even so they are not complicated when compared with a real fuel injection system in its entirety. It should be remembered that getting exactly the correct fuel/air mixture into an engine is far from easy; in fact it is horribly complicated!