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Colin Hough

All overseas members,

As per Fred’s note, we have set up PayPal to be paid via via my email address or the spares scheme which Gill currently runs (so members can send over a spares payment and membership fee in one go) – both options only applying to overseas members.

What we find with PayPal is that they take 5.125% off of the payment however it is done. Therefore, to get £16 into the club, the actual payment needs to be £16.87. I understand that a 87p charge is a lot better than any other options.

We have been asked about using a bank-to-bank direct debit (as I understand that you Europeans in the Euro zone can do between all the countries) but this is not possible into the UK i.e. from a Euro to a pound account.

As I assume all that read this are computer literate so can use a PayPal account, the option of posting cash over is not really an option. However, if anyone wants to try posting either Euros or US dollars, I will convert to Pounds at that day’s exchange rate and forwward it to the treasurer with email confirmation to the sender as I travel in the Euro zone and the US on business regularly so these currancies are OK for me.

All the best,