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Another “Thank You” due here I think, a very nicely considered item.

Rust is mentioned several times, (a personally sensitive subject presently, corrosion having turned my central heating boiler’s pump into an ex-pump!).
Many moons ago I used to sail and found Wool Fat (Anhydrous Lanolin) to be one of the few things that could be relied upon to resist the depredations of salt water. Later I found good use for the stuff on anything that was exposed and could corrode, under various cars to protect things like brake pipes and even when screwing in the humble wood screw.

What has this to do with the Scott?

Wool Fat it is devilishly tenacious stuff, even when heated it will leave an effective “skin”. It is well worth smearing on anything that may rust and threads that might need to be undone some time in the future.

Might it not then be an idea to smear some on any studs that are going to come into contact with water?

Ask yourself this: – When did you last see a rusty sheep?!!!

Wool Fat (Anhydrous Lanolin) can be obtained from your local chemist, in 500g tubs it’s not cheap but it’ll last for years.
Maybe our Australian members in an idle moment might care to boil down a couple of sheepskins for us?