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Roy Fisher

Hello ‘Norman Nippy’,

Having seen your ‘advertisement’ I noticed that you say that your Scott ‘may’ be for sale – which suggests that maybe you’re not totally certain that you want to sell it. So I thought that a few personal observations from someone who I suspect is somewhat older than you may help you to clarify your thoughts. I bought my first Scott when I was in my teens. I was strongly influenced by my father who had owned one when he was young and I took the plunge and bought a 1949 model. It was a good Scott, cost me £30.00 but I had to dig deep to even find that much cash. I loved it and rode it for many miles in the first year of ownership but even a good Scott, in the hands of someone of tender years with very little experience, patience or cash can be exasperating. I was certainly so in my case. I was helped (or hindered!) by the fact that my father bought himself what I perceived to be a better, newer Scott (a Brum Scott in fact). At this point my Scott be came neglected as I spent more and more time riding my father’s machine (he was a kindly & generous man). In the end I sold my Scott, it had fallen into disrepair and eventually I sold it in bits & pieces. To this day I’ve regretted it. Not only did I dismantle a Scott that could with a little effort have been brought back to life, it was ‘my’ Scott. If I’d thought it through properly I could have kept it and be one of those owners who have had a lifetime with one machine, modifying and changing it until it is exactly to their taste. I’m fortunate now that I’ve been able to return to Scott ownership but I’ll always regret my lack of foresight 45 years ago.

This is just a personal viewpoint of course and of course I do accept that Scotts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I do believe they fall into the ‘love em or hate em’ category but I’ve read of your trials & tribulations with your Scott in the Forum over the past 18 months and just hope that you’re not falling into the same trap that I fell into.

Hope that this may give you some food for thought,

Best regards.

Roy Fisher