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In old money the steel designated EN24T, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel would do the job quite nicely. The “T” specifies an alloy steel supplied in the heat-treated state, (55 tons tensile strength). In this condition it is still reasonably easy to machine on the sort of light lathe to be found in the amateur workshop. Lower speeds, sharp tools and some sort of cutting fluid, (if all else fails plumbers tallow), will get you a decent finish.

Almost any good steel stockist should carry it and despite the numbers being changed, — “rationalisation” apparently, — most will know what you are after. You may or may not be expected to pay a cutting charge but be warned these can sometimes be extortionate.

EN24 is the annealed state and if you have access to heat treatment facilities a tensile strength anywhere between 50 and 100 tons is to be had. If you don’t then make sure that you get the EN24“T”.
If you get stuck I’ll see what I can get.