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Ian Parsons

I am looking for a selection of Scotts and Silks for this event. The Scott stand is 30Ft x 20Ft in the Avenue of Clubs so there is plenty of space. I have a total of 14 free wekend passes for those who wish to display their bikes. It is not a problem if you can only come for one day. I plan to have a caravan on the stand to act as a clubroom and provide some refreshment. I also would like some helpers.

Last year’s event was a great success with Scotts being ridden in the track sessions and the stand attracted many visitors. There will be many other attractions at Mallory as welll as some exceptional racing bikes being demonstrated.

Please ring me on 01788 510680 or email me at ihparsons@tiscali.co.uk

There are 15 Scotts entered for the Track sessions. Well done to these members and I look forward to seeing them. I am still short of volunteers and bikes for the Scott stand. I now have the passes in my possession so please contact me asap.