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lewis onions

Through the vintage and War Department AJS and Matchless forum (no less!) I became acquainted with Swen Dolenc in Germany. Apart from having an enormous collection of vintage AJSs, Swen had also arranged to remanufacture Bowden-type controls including inverted levers. I can vouch for the fact that they are an excellent copy of the originals down to the Bowden logo and shiny nikel plating. The prices were also competitive when compared to the cost of other replicas I’ve seen at autojumbles.

I’m not sure whether Bowden were used on Scotts but they certainly look the part.

I know that Swen has been busy at work recently and he may have difficulty in responding quickly – because of this and usual security issues I am loath to give his email address out over the open forum. I’m also unsure whether he has stock but if you contact me by direct email I will introduce you.