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Thanks for all the information Roger. I’ve read everything on this site so I’m up on who you are here.
The links are greatly appreciated.

I have not been able to move the machinery I have in front of the Scott yet but I was able to see the engine number and it was Y3881 I believe. My memory is not great and I’m not sure of the last digit as it was a few days ago.
So far from what I’ve read here it is a Super Squirrel? I seem to remember it having 498 cc on the jugs and the Super, uneless I’m reading incorrectly was a 600 cc?

Anyhow, I am downloading to disc and paper binder for the shop, all of the Technicalites. Quite a job but worth it to us. I have a friend who is jumping in with his knowlege and wentworths to help. Hopefully he’ll be able to register here also and keep up with things.

I’m off on a 400 mile ride on my current bike today but will take the Scott down later this week and send in my information so I can join this exalted group. We’re both very excited about it.