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Carl, my rims are in excellent shape and I intend to keep them. The problem is finding tires.

The actual diameter measurement is 21″ but I am assuming it is a 20″ rim. The 26 x 3 tires are not only hard to find, it is impossible so far to find anything other then block tires which are unacceptable.

I have looked at the 20″ x 3.00 and 3.25 but find the same situation.

I did a search for Avon tires but that didn’t work for me also. If you have resources in the U.K. for these tires I’d be interested. Time better spent working on the mechanical end then here on the Internet.

The tires I removed were Firestone up front and Goodyear in the rear. I doubt I’d find any in those brands that were not dry rotted. I need real tires to pass tech inspection.

No other tire (except perhaps 27 x 3.85) will fit.

This intrigues me as to sizes.

If I am understanding things the old clincher tires went by the diameter of the tire itself and not the diameter of the rim??????????

Just confuses me more as I have a lot to learn but I’ll get there, with your help, thank you!