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Ken Mercer

Hi Scott
I remember an Ernie Wiffen when working as a mechanic for a motocycle dealership in Forest Gate in the East side of London in 1950. As I recall their name was Lovatts(or it might have been Lovetts)
This Ernie was then the Sales Manager to the best of my rather poor recollection. I do recall that he was quite a big star in the local ‘srambles’ scene riding for B.S.A.(or at least riding a BSA which I always thought was works supported).
Lovetts were BSA agents and I remember they always looked askance at my old 1929 Scott Tourer which was my only form of transport in those days and took me to work every day regardless of the weather.I now ride a 1947 Scott 596cc Flyer but it is not as nice as I remember my earlier Scotts to be.
Best of luck with your Scott.