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Still ‘ere!

The rollers should come out with a bit of careful levering on the outside of the con-rod big end and a decent magnet on the rollers. The first couple will be the worst as, if the bottom end is good, the slightest tipping of a roller will make it lock up. Oh! What fun!

If you have access to liquid nitrogen then I think I’d remove the rollers from one side, do the nitrogen trick on the other and if you get movement then reverse the process.
If it does not move, kick the cat, beat the wife, go down the pub and get drunk or have a good cry but avoid the heat if at all possible. Heat is far less likely to work, for one thing the achievable temperature differential is far less than you can get with the nitrogen, (what is nitrogen minus 170ºC?), and the aluminium shrinking is far more likely to break the “lock” and let a lubricant in than any expansion with heat which at best might crush the corrosion or whatever it is that ails it.

And if you work out how to do pictures you can tell me!