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lewis onions

Hello Robert – remember me from the pre-War AJS-Matchless forum? Sorry I can’t help with the seizure problem – but as I suggested it looks like you will get some help through this forum.
May I recommend membership of the club? I seem to remember that there are some members in Germany who may be able to help you – but I don’t know whether they are close to you in Dresden. Colin Hough is the Overseas Liason Officer and is likely to be tuning in to this.
Also you might like to see whether your Flyer is on the Scott register maintained by John Underhill, the Machine Registrar. It would be interesting to hear some of the details, beng a Scott originally supplied in Germany and knowing that you have a lot of the paperwork.
Finally, congratulations on ditching the Nortons! I work very close to Bracebridge Street where they were once built, but even this association can’t stop me feeing that they are soleless things. Much less so the products of the Stevens brothers in Wolverhampton!

As I said before, welcome to Scotting.