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thanks for your replies!

i’ll go foreward, cuting the chains and will take out the engine first.

Afterwards i’ll put the hole engine in diesel for a while, i remember this hint from a friend, but completely forgot about it, thanks Roger!

There is no movement at all at the flywheel so it is most likely that the main bearings are involved too.
So first thing to try will be to take off the barrel if there is still no movement in the crank.
Therefore i’ll do two things, first is a try with medium acid in the barrel that could take away some Alloy corrosion (Coke works quite well at this point, this is equal with concentrated citric acid, pH of roughly 2).
I’ll figure out an appropriate time with some old pistons i have in my garage. After this it will be time for the liquid nitrogen.

I’ll let you know about the progress.
By the way, i subscribed to the club yesterday, so it will be interesting to hear if there is any knowledge about my bike in the works directory.

w/ Best Regards

P.S.: still need to scan the photographs, stay tuned…