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Hi *,

after a few days in diesel, we have the first movement in the flywheel, not very much but feelable. javascript:emoticon(‘:lol:’)

There is also movement of the barrel. I was able to move it about 3mm upwards, equal on both sides of the barrel, so fingers crossed that there is no big seizure in the barrels, but this was quite easy to move now (pushed with the grease pump, in the barrels after slacken the screws a bit and a few hits on barrel and screws with the rubber hammer).

So first movement is done, the block went back in diesel again, so it can be there for some more days, i need to prepare some other stuff now.

Is there anybody by chance who can offer the clutch lever? There are both inverted levers with the bike, but the clutch lever is missing. I guess it is a Best and Lloyd one, right?

Try this link for the pictures of my bike, you need to click on “GMX Mediacenter starten” button, sorry for the german text..

Thanks in advance.