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Welcome to the subspecies!

I too have a case of the Dowties! I also have several metres of new nearly-the-right-size steel tubing.

The trouble is the machinery in my little shed ‘aint big enough to resize a fifteen odd inch length to 1.625” I.D. and with a dead smooth bore.
What is worse in the soft South Eastern underbelly of this benighted country almost everyone else is too refined to get their hands dirty unless you call making loads of dosh creating nothing in the city “clean”.

The O.D. of this steel tube is correct and I can finish to the required length but you would need to be able to accomodate an I.D. of 1.590” as things stand. I am currently half way to figuring out a way of resizing a length. It can’t be that hard after all, they were boring cannon barrels several hundred years ago!

All of which rather puts me in mind of a letter written by Stevenson wherein he is waxing lyrical about a manufacturer he has found who could bore his steam engine cylinders “to better than the thickness of a thin shilling”.