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lewis onions

Hello Jerry, I’m no expert on girder forks (if anything) but as no one else has replied I will put my oar in! As you probabaly appreciate Scott kite forks are like the proverbial hen’s teeth so you will need to look for a suitable alternative. The late 1920’s Flyer tourers had Webb forks and I suspect that quite a few of those supplied with Scott forks had these replaced with Webbs quite soon after supply.

I have not been able to work out whether those fitted at the factory were heavy-weight or middle-weight Webb forks. I have a 1928 Flyer with heavy-weight forks but these are obviously not original equipment. Early photographs however appear to show heavy-weight Webb forks whereas later (mid-to-late 1930’s) picytures appear to show middle-weight. I have seen both on bikes and of course Brampton forks were fitted for some time in the mid 1930’s.

Webbs of some sort were used by a number of manufacturers. I have never seen a pair of heavy-weight Webb forks for sale but middle-wight ones are reasonably obtainanble. The closest fit for Scotts appears to be Norton Webb-type forks which I believe were manufactured by Norton to Webb design. These have (in most cases) extra check springs between the top and bottom links but these would appear to be capable of being removed. The bottom links are also different in most cases but I am not aware whether they are capable of modification to look more like the type used on Scotts. Another difference is that the blades have lugs for lamp brackets.

I have a set of Norton Webbs which I bought at Netley Marsh last year for (if I remember correctly £320). This was the going rate as there were another set identical at another dealer’s stand for the same price. I also have a very rough set of Norton blades only which (if you are desparate) I could let you have. Unfortunately they are heavily pitted and if they need re-tubing the cost is most likely prohibitive.

I am about to arrange for my Norton forks to be renovated and (if possible) converted. A friend has another set which he needs to convert in the same way for his 1929 Norton Model 18 (no check springs then).We are trying to get around to meeting with Ray Daniels (from Bordesely in Birmingham ) to discuss our requirements. I understand that he is re-manufacturing pre-war Triumph girders at a price of £1000 ! You might try speaking with him (details not to hand at present – but he advertises in OBM).

Another option is Royal Enfield forks which are again reasonably available but although relatively similar to Webbs have the disadvantage of having blades wich narrow at the top above the bottom link.

I have not got as far as considering the possible differences in head stock length as yet, but seem to remember that some time ago on this forum there was an exchange regarding fitting Norton forks to Scotts – you could access this via the technicalities web site.

I hope that these ramblings are of some help to you. I am intending to go to Founders’ Day at Stamford Hall on Sunday where I would not be surprised to see some Webbs for sale. If are unable to go yourself I could look out for some for you ?