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Thanks Graham for your reply (and the Binks manual!)

@Graham wrote:

Please take the time to find out just how the kick starter works, and exactly what is going on, rather than trying to fix it….

Will try that. I am sure the solution is obvious.. But nevertheless, the teeth on the ratchet look pretty worn out…

I have found that the 2 speed gear needs very little oil, gradully reduce the supply each time you go out. I drive at least 5 miles before operating the pump and switch the supply off before the end of the journey.

Will try that too. So far I have used the pump once but this was without the engine running. I guess your method might work better

The water spray is probably due to a leak in the system, likely at a hose joint, first losing water followed by the boiling. Excess water should exit by the overflow, not from the radiator cap so the overflow pipe may be blocked…….

No, it is definitly the little hole in the cap. I knew I slightly overfilled the radiator but did not worry as normally this excess goes through the overflow pipe (that is not blocked, checked that). But this time the water simply chose the closest exit…

I am sure I will work it all out!