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At anything like full chat the radiator has to dump something like 4Kw. of energy, it is none too large in area, it relies on the thermosyphon process for circulation and has no forced draught save forward motion so at best the heat balance is marginal.

Ensure that the down pipe in the head is as near the bottom of the water space in the block as possible without restricting flow. I have two old heads with steel tubes that are largely rusted away thus effectively reducing the height difference between hot and cold connections, might be worth a check.

Heat rises and the greater the temperature difference between pipe ends the better. Oddly enough the radiator, other than rejecting heat plays, no part here. Sounds odd? Not really, if the ends of the two pipes were of equal height there would be little or no circulation radiator or no. Scale and any repairs to the core will reduce flow so it is an off the bike job for a thorough clean and back flush.

Not pretty maybe but if your bike has electrics how about fitting a couple of computer cooling fans to the radiator? It is probably at low speeds when there is little airflow that the heat builds up and it would be simple enough to make them easily removed for showing.

A word of warning, aluminium is resistant to most acids but is not good with alkalis so avoid the soda treatment just to be on the safe side.