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I have all Yowl magazines from volume 11 (October 1978) onwards. Further, I have an almost complete run from volume 4 onwards, but a few issues are missing (very irritating).

Consequently I am very interested in buying the following missing issues:

Vol. 10 no. 11 – June 1978

Vol. 7 no. 6 – July 1971

Vol. 7 no. 1 – Sept. 1970

Vol. 6 no. 12 – July 1970

Vol. 5 no. 11 – April 1968

I am willing to pay up to £10 per issue to complete my collection. Earlier issues of Yowl are also very interesting. I only have a few issues in volumes 1-3.

If you have any of the above it would be greatly appreciated if you were willing to sell.