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Bikes from Eric Bayliss incl. his comment:

This bike used to belong to David Brierley, which he raced in the 1960’s then left it in pieces for 40 years till I bought it from him in 2004. I then spent the next twelve months and a lot of money rebuilding it. Unfortunately since then I have had major surgery for cancer and have found I cant even kick it over now, so it may have to go.

This bike is what I call a Scotton, norton frame ( the remains of a triton) LFZ bottom end fitted with a detatchable head 600 top end with electric starter and Velo gear box,runs Norton alternator and twin points coil ignition.

This was a scrap/bent frame that no one wanted, now fitted with Bsa swinging arm and wheel, Kawasaki forks whith Norton wheel short stroke 500 engine and Velo gear box on its side as it is to tall to go upright, top tubes were cut out and replaced with one to take the home made tanks, also has moden oil pump.