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Paul W

Thanks for replies so far:

There’s no sign of a central bolt on the handlebars to pull against an expanding taper (as per a bicycle type handlebar stem). I think my handlebars are held in place by the split clamp arrangement forming part of the top section of the forks (ie. the bit above the upper steering head bearings). I also think my handlebars are partly seized in the stem (the forks have not been dismantled for at least 50 years) – so i’ve now drenched the assembly in wd40 and will try again in a day or two !

According to my Book of the Scott, the top section of the forks should be removed complete with handlebars after removing the tension spring cap from the spring housing – any tips on how to do this easily (the Scott text says use a bent spoke to relive the spring tension and allow removal of the cap ) ?

Anyway it’s nice to have a puzzle to solve……..