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Eddie Shermer

Hi Erik,

I have been following your postings with some concern. You have been very supportive of the event from the outset and it would be a big disappointment to me also if you were unable to attend. I am sorry that you are not able to come as a family but pleased that you have decided to attend yourself.
I have been thinking that it may be the case that there are some Scott owners who live along the route that you would take from Hull with whom you may be able to join. I have not looked into this yet, but if anyone has any idea then please share.

At the moment there are 46 paid up members all for the full weekend event. 26 bikes of various ages. It looks to be a true Scott family event with members attending from Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden and all over the UK many of whom are attending as a couple. I am concerned that for those with no computer connection the message may not be getting out quite as I would like and will be looking into how we can ensure this. I do think that I will have to keep the option of booking open beyond the 1st of Jan as originally stated to allow the message to get out and people to join in with what promises to be a great weekend.

By the way if anyone is thinking of sending any copy for the Feb Yowl please consider this over the break as I have very little so far. I am particularly interested in articles on riding early machines for this edition as I would like to cover the age range of production over the years six editions.

A very happy Christmas to all.