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Well Roger, I do remember the slideshow/talk you gave at the local VMCC section meeting when we visited in 2006. It was very enjoyable to hear your anecdotes. I guess there will be a lot more interesting and knowledgable people there so a Brains Trust is a nice idea. I might even bring the conrod and piston remains of my blown up Flyer for the Trust to ponder about…

And I am looking forward to meet Titch Allen. I have read his Vintage Roadtests etc. with much pleasure and he seems like a very nice guy.

@Eddie: The Douglas centenial got quite a lot of attention in de classic bike media. Will this event also be covered??

I was looking through my copy of BMS “The first Scott Scene”. As far as I know there never was a second one (correct me when I am wrong) and the idea came to me to make one of my own with bikes on the Abbotsholme event. Of course I would have to take a lot of pictures but hey, I was going to do that anyway! Just have to let it sink in a bit….

So, it is of to the UK now as we will be spending a weeks holiday in Dorset! With good weather ahead it should be a nice week.