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Well, somehow this story never ends… Today I tried my retoothed kickstarter for the first time for real as I attended an classic rally today. The bike started after 3 kicks and that was the last time the kickstarter worked. During the day I had to start the bike about ten times and I never could get it to start on the kickstarter again.

The teeth engage properly most of the time but the pedal just does not seem to have enough stroke to crack the engine over properly/enough revoluions to fire up. Not even close. After pushing the bike in gear for a few meters she always started right up.

I adjusted the pedal so that the ratchet engages almost instantly, so there is hardly any part of the actual stroke lost on this. Could perhaps not using the decompressionvalves have anything to do with it? My dc valves are not connected what makes my engine harder to turn over. If I were to attach the valves, would my engine make more turns after each kick?

Or any other ideas?