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lewis onions

Bad luck, John. The bike looked quite a correct example and the new radiator was as the seller correctly pointed out worth a premium of £600. However, the battery and the horn appeared to be on the wrong sides (ie reversed) and the mud guards were C- profile rather than the correct D-profile. Perhaps it was not as original as the seller suggested.

Andy Teirnan has 3 Scotts for sale according to the most recent OBM, if I remember correctly, a 1936 , a 1940 and a 1947. The 1935 has rear suspension and plunger forks according to the picture which is likely to be a later conversion. The 1940 is not pictured but the ’47 appears sound and unaltered. The prices are dealer prices though.

Keep Looking and Good Luck. Remember – only 25 days or so until the next edition of YOWL is out. Flotsam and Jetsam is the place to look!