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Colin Hough


In my case the ‘electrics’ (which, by the way have been converted to 12V so may well be an ‘after market’ modification) are housed in the space between the two tool boxes with the battery in the left hand tool box sitting on a horizontal shelf aprox 75mm up (I use the space below for spare plugs). This makes access to the battery for topup charging very easy. From memory (which is now not as good as it was as I demonstrated at the AGM!!!), I think this was also the arrangement on the 1959 Brum I had in the late 1960’s. However, my guess is that there was some flexibility depending on who was putting it together on the day.

I have sent photos of my toolbox to Brian along with some general photos taken at the 2006 gathering which show that all were basically the same idea but do not exactly match the shape of the frame around them, so I guess they were probably a standard bought-in item.