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Colin Hough


For those without the Scott Selection vols 1 – 3 let me copy out some comments about the circa 1934 GPZ engines:

Vol 1, page 88

“The three model 1934 range included the new parallel crank ‘Grand Prix’ engine fitted to TT Replicas, with four speed foot change gearbox at no extra cost”. From this it appears that the GP engine was marketed to the public rather than a ‘works’ racer.

Vol 2, p145

“The new Flying Squirrel TT Replica model retained the duplex frame whereas the other models had reverted from the single down tube type to the duplex frame. The TT Replica shown, featured the new Grand Prix engine, having parallel cranks, larger bearings and redesigned lubrication systems by means of the new Scott oil pump” and “The ‘new’ 4-speed gearbox with foot change was offered as an option on the TT Replica model at an extra cost of £5 but the photo shows the usual 3 speed pattern gearbox. Prices were £84 (498cc) and £87 (596cc). The Lucas Magdyno was also an extra cost item at £16-10-0. Only 11 G.P. engines are listed in the Works Despatch records. It was not a successful design”.

Vol 3, p110

“The 1933 Senior TT was held on Friday June 16th and attracted a single 498cc Reynolds Special Scott entry ridden by T Hatch and enterered by A. E. Reynolds of Liverpool. The above [blured] phtograph shows Tommy Hatch hurrying to the weigh in after fitting a rebuilt engine at the last minute. The machine was fitted with one of the Grand Prix engines GPZ4042 and incorporated several special components in its specification including an Electron crankcase, 4-speed gearbox, 5 gallon petrol tank, larger radiator with a steam valve, Scott swash plate oil pump and bevel gear driven magneto and detachable cylinder head. T Hatch finished the race in 15th position. The section drawing shows the construction of the crank assembly of the G.P. engine with parallel fitting and thicker cranks, revised big end and main bearing assembly and lubrication attangements. Only 11 G.P. engines are listed in the Scott Works Despatch Records”.

On page 112 and 113 there is a sectional drawing and exploded photo of the Scott oil pump which was “an original fitment on 1933 Flying Squirrel Sports amd Replica models and 1934 Grand Prix and Replica models or could be purchased separately for 3 guineas but it was expensive to produce and too complicated for most Scott owners. The majority were returned to the works for modification or adjustment and 1935 models reverted to Pilgrim Duplex Pumps”.

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