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On the subject of leaky carburettors have a look at the postings dated Friday March 10th 2006 and Saturday April 14th 2007 where the matter was examined in some detail. With the fuel “on”, other than when “tickled”, the Amal should not leak even when the engine is not running, if it does then for one reason or another the fuel level is too high or one or more of the soft gaskets are defective.

I cannot offer any help regarding settings for alternative carburettors but there is no reason to suppose that any unit with the correct choke size could not be made to work once the correct settings are arrived at. Getting the settings is quite another matter; you really need a test bed to do it properly . . .

On the subject of the grease in the gearbox: It may be that the main bearing has been leaking and a previous owner has used grease in an attempt to stop it. There are also thixotropic lubricants about these days so it is just possible, however unlikely, that it might be one of them. The Burman gearboxes on the Vincent Comets use grease, (with the caveat that if it starts to squeak you add an eggcup full of oil!), so while it is customary to use oil in the Scott gearbox the use of grease is not quite so off the wall as it might at first seem.
It is most unlikely that there has been any “mutations”. Quatermas we can do without – I’ve got enough problems!

Timing marks are a good addition to my mind and can certainly do no harm. In addition if you have a strobe light then checking timing is made easy by their addition particularly if filled with white paint. You can always ignore them if you want but you can’t use ‘em if they ‘aint there!

There is nothing wrong with electronic ignition in principal although to get the best out of such a unit it should really be mapped to the engine but for that you’d again need a test bed. That said a properly set up conventional ignition system, either coil or magneto, has served bikers well for donkeys years and an awful lot of miles!