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I have to admit I’ve never been inside one of these hubs but if no-one else is going to have their two pennyworth . . .

As good as they are it’s hard to tell from the pictures what is going on, do the drawings and the photos exactly match for example? Sadly there’s no substitute for “hands on” and the Mk.1 eyeball!

Two possibilities exist depending on the materials and facilities to hand. A tool with an expanding end that can be inserted past the opposing cup’s bore and used with a press should work or, and in some ways more attractive, a lipped draw tool that can be expanded behind the cup and pulled with a draw bolt. The attraction here is that if the draw-bolt is made with a tapered head that is pulled into the expanding “jaws” then it would prevent slipping and no press is needed. Either way it is a lot of work to be sure no damage is done.

Are you really sure you want them out?