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Drew: Welcome to the Club – misery should always have some friends! In truth I’m a jealous, it look like a nice project and at least you have most of the bits!
There are two CD’s that you should try to get; Steven Endicott’s CD of “Technicalities” is a “tour de force” and the “Illustrated Spare Parts of Scott Motorcycles” is also a mine of information.

Erik: If people had told me when I was 18 that Triumph was going to be, effectively, the last British motorcycle manufacturer I’d have laughed in their faces! But Bonnevilles? Ugh!!! – I’ve towed more than one of them home and on your sly comment about “oral cleaning”, frankly, after uttering the word “Triumph”, I don’t think that soap will be sufficient. . . !
Scooters? You at least have one remaining friend in the Club so “swear” along ‘cos I’ve got a Moto Rumi Tipo Sport. Well at least it’s a 2stroke twin, so ‘tis my excuse!