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Like I said what goes on in detail inside an engine gets very complicated! The designer is faced with lots of conflicting requirements, the main aim being a setting that gives maximum power, or more correctly the minimum advance for best torque for all operating conditions. There are many constraints; the need to avoid knock, startability, driveability, emissions, the list goes on.

The above applies to “normal” engines but as things get more specialised and exotic, as in racing engines, such constraints become less significant in the search for power. When taken to the limit as in Formula I then it takes a team of twenty or so and several computers just to get the darned thing started!

Which is just what some owners might feel they need on the odd occasion!

On the face of it the quotation makes no sense to me either! But then again it is hard to think it is some sort of typo. I can offer no informed explanation, could it be peculiar to this particular engine? Something to do with cylinder filling at high revs or exotic porting maybe?

In a perfect world we would put a carefully prepared standard engine on a brake and produce a map. It is boring, noisy, tedious and time consuming work. On balance I think I’ll just stick with the book settings!